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This decade broke the boundaries of pop music from the 1950s and saw the growth and popularity of rock music. There was also a rise of singer-songwriters that wrote and performed their own music such as Bob Dylan and The Beatles. Rock and Roll music grew massively during this decade with different genres of rock emerging such as folk rock and progressive rock, and later in the decade psychedelic rock was at its peak.

The Beatles were very popular in the 60's. They had many popular songs including 'I Want To Hold Your Hand', 'A Hard Day's Night' and 'Hey Jude'. I found this picture on September 13, 2011 on this website, http://www.historyguy.com/biofiles/beatles4.jpg
In the 60's Elvis Presley was recording songs and filming movies. Some movies Elvis worked on in the 60's are 'Easy Come, Easy Go', 'Viva Las Vegas', and 'Blue Hawaii'. A couple of Elvis's songs from the 60's are 'Can't Help Falling In Love', 'Suspicious Minds', and 'Good Luck Charm'. I got this picture September 13, 2011 from http://i2.listal.com/image2377965/600full-elvis-presley.jpg
In the year 1960 "the apartment" was voted the top of the year. starring in it was, Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine

The Apartment is a movie in which Jack Lemmon plays an office worker who is trying to move up the corporate ladder. Jack Lemmon's boss, who is played by Fred MacMurray, is an uncaring and selfish man who has affairs with his secretaries. MacMurray only notices Lemmon when he learns that he has an apartment in mid-town, MacMurray uses the apartment for his affairs because he has a wife at home. Jack allows him to use his apartment because he wants to get ahead at work.

Jack starts to feel bad about the arrangement when MacMurray lies to a young girl, who is played by Shirley MacLaine. MacMurray promises to leave his wife and marry MacLaine but then has excuses to break his promise. Lemmon falls in love with MacLaine, which makes it hard for him to loan out his apartment to his boss. Billy Wilder wrote and directed the movie.

Jack Lemmon:- Jack was an American actor and musician. He starred in many movies through out his career, such as: "some like it hot", "the apartment", "mister roberts" and "days of wine and roses"
Shirley MacLaine- Shirley is an american film and theater actress, singer, dancer, activist and an author. Shirley Played in three different movies in the year 1960, "oceans eleven", "can-can" and "the apartment".

England also had many new artists rise to fame in the sixties. People such as Eric Clapton, The Hollies, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Cat Stevens and many more emerged. Some of them, today, are still considered the best at their field. Sometimes referred to as the "British Invasion", the 1960's is the decade when a majority of English groups topped all music charts.
Viva Las Vaegas- Elvis Presley
Hey Jude- The Beatles
(I can get no) satisfaction- The Rolling Stones
House of rising sun- Animals
I only want to be with you- Dusty Springfield
Father and Son- Cat Stevens
-Z cars
-Star Trek
-Doctor Who
-Coronation street
-The Virginian
Amy, Madison, Juliette & Toby