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Grease - The One That I Want

This videos shows John Travolta as a greaser. If you see the way he dresses, and the way his hair is, he fits the description of a greaser perfectly, according to 'The Outsiders'. John Travolta and his friends in the video dress similarity and have their long hair slicked back-with hair grease, naturally.
Olivia, the girl, is also a good 'picture' on how a female greaser, or the kind of girl greasers date, looks like. Tight clothing, tons of makeup and unique hair.

Introduction to Greasers

A Greaser is not a generally used term nowadays but back then it describes a rough person. A gang of greasers are not really a criminals that kills people but more of a group of friends that stick together. They do petty crimes like pickpocketing or shoplifting. Greasers normally come from neighborhoods where people are poor and law enforcement means nothing. Greasers and Socs live on different sides of the city, and they often fight one another. According to 'The Outsiders', one can infer that the Greasers are often bullied by the Socs, and although they fight back, they never run away, this is to hold up their reputation. Greasers are more just and fair than the Socs, fighting usually one on one, and never using weapons unless neseccary.

Greasers are a working-class youth that originated in the 1950s. Clothing that Greasers wear include Sir Guy shirts, white or black T-shirts which they usually roll up; Italian knit shirts; Daddy-O-style shirts; black, blue or khaki work jackets, black or brown trenchcoats, Levi denim jackets; leather jackets; blue or black Levi's 501 jeans (with rolled-up cuffs anywhere from one to four inches); and baggy cotton twill work trousers. Shoes that the Greasers wore often were motorcycle boots, such as harness boots or engineer boots; army boots; cowboy boots and Converse. Accesories they wore could be bandannas or chain wallets.
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Somebody who dresses in rock clothes and always has a comb in his pocket. They style their hair and slick it back and wears tight pants. They wear leather jacket and jeans jacket with black converse with a cigarette nehind their ear. They arent real thugs but more like a group of friends that live in a poor neighborhood sticking together but also enjoy breaking small laws.


Somebody who usually has long hair and lets it down or tie it up. They sometimes have short bangs that curl inwards. They wear high'heels, tight shirts and colourful fashion shirts. They carry their comb around and have a cigarette behind heir ear too. They wear converse, lots of jewelry and make-up. Also in the book they say that most girl greasers are tough and swear a lot and arent like Soc girls which are polite and soft.
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Comparism of Socs and Greasers:
Live on the east side of the river
Live on the west side of the river
Think more violently
Do not think too violently
Do not ACT too violent
ACT violently
Fair (fights one on one, do not fight when they outnumber the other party, unless the greasers are smaller in size, ex. Johnny and Ponyboy teaming up on one)
Not fair (they jump greasers when they outnumber them, and when more greasers come to fight, they run away)
Work for money to survive
A lot of dropouts
Do well in school
Long hair
Short hair
Less popular

Similarities between the Socs and the Greasers

They both smoke cigarettes and most drink alcohol too. They both enjoy a good fight, unfair or fair, both of them like to fight each other. Also both the Socs and the greasers break laws expect the greasers didn't want to get involved with the fuzz ( police ) because they know that they will have to take the Socs side since they're richer but both fight and break laws just as much.

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The pictures above are of Bob Sheldon and Sodapop Curtis from the film 'The Outsiders'. Can you tell which picture is who?
It is obvious that the picture on the left is of Bob Sheldon while the one on the right is of Sodapop Curtis. Bob is dressed nicely and what would be considered expensively back in that time. Sodapop, on the other hand, is raggedly dressed, even though he is working.
These two pictures represent how different the two gangs were. What other differences can you see?