Welcome to Year 9A English - PERKSOUTSIDERS

This is where you will do all your homework for The Outsiders
You'll be using this Wiki sometimes to answer and ask questions, state your opinions, and comment on your classmates' ideas about The Outsiders during our novel study in English class. The purpose of this Wiki is twofold:

1. To show your teacher what you are learning and processing from the text in terms of reading comprehension, synthesis, and analysis, and

2. To improve your accountable talk skills. Accountable talk is discussion that seriously builds on and enhances what others have said. So for example, you might start with, "I agree with you somewhat because" or "That speaks to me because" rather than "Yeah. Me too."

Some basic parameters are:

1. When in doubt, write more. You will only receive full credit for your homework if you write thoughtful responses at length AND if you ask higher-level questions. What's a "higher level" question? Generally any question that starts with "how" or "why" or gets participants thinking and questioning. If you're stuck for good question stems, check out the Application, Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation question stems athttp://www.teachers.ash.org.au/researchskills/dalton.htm. I want you to be good question-askers in life, not just good question-answerers.

2. You are expected to demonstrate good digital citizenship here. All school rules apply.

3. If you are unable to complete an assignment because of internet issues at home, then you need to use the library during recess or after school to get it done before class. No exceptions.

4. Please do not read ahead of where we are in class. I know this is tempting because the book is such a page-turner, but it'll limit the questions you can answer (for example, you won't be able to answer prediction questions because you'll already know the answers) and ruin your in-class experience. Thanks for understanding.
Take this forum seriously, as your work here is part of your grade for English class.

This novel tells the story of a group of young teens in New York in the 1960s.
Ponyboy tells us his story and we are quickly drawn into his world.

See you in class and let us ENJOY the novel together.